bail is granted to Musharf in Lal masjid case

General musharaf' bail

General musharaf' bail
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Finally Musharat, the former presedent of paikistan and  miltary chief have succeded by getting bial from Isamabad district court in all cases inculding the lal Masjid clarics’ murder case today.

On Monday islamabad district court passed a rulling by the  judge Wajid Ali Shah which means ex-general is on bail in all cases after the six month of house arrest.Bail was granted to Musharaf after paying 2000o rupees’ bonds .

After the bail this rumour is circulating that Musharaf would leave Pakistan in recent month but this rumour was rejected by the Musharaf’ defence lawyer Afshan Adil .

Former general was arrested last month over the matter of Lal Masjid where in raid 100 people were put to death with this excuse that terrorist had hold up radicals weapons  for which house of parliament was at a stones throw.

in this raid some children and women was died who was insisting not to leave the Masjid at the time of raid with fatal bombartment with no regret by the former general at that time.

This incident has taken Musharaf on the hit list of Taliban .

Lets see either Musharat leaves Pakistan or stay in his defence as he is claiming to hold the economics of Pakistan having become the Prime minister of pakistan and He also pretends to safe Pakistan in the same way he has done in fuutre so that he could publish a new book after fall of his next government in emaginenation.Musharaf’ dream land would build or not it will be decided by the time in future.

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