Doctor Sikander Malik Retired brigadier with three family members murdered in Rawalpindi

Retired brigadier murdered
Retired brigadier murdered
Retired brigadier murdered

RAWALPINDI: A retired brigadier, his wife and two daughters were killed by firing in Gulistan Colony on Tuesday, thenewstrans described.

Doctor Sikander Malik was the standard of the personal health college, and was residing inside the health facility’s residential locality.

unidentified men went into Brigadier (rtd) medical practitioner Sikander Malik’s home, in the residential locality of a personal health centre in Rawalpindi, and shot him in the head, along with his wife and two daughters.

His child was furthermore hurt throughout the firing.

Immediate medical aid was supplied to him, and his status was reported as out of danger. although, he is still incapable to give a statement.

After they were acquainted of the occurrence, the hospital management and agency personnel reached at the view.

An investigation into the incident was under way.

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