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In Pakistan, middle class and lower middle class used to buy a soap which was cheeped enough to purchased. Although that was not super class soap but a soap of routine use whom upper class would refrain from using as this was though to be concerned with lower class. This was life buoy soap in red colour .In work shops, lower class hotels, factories, many mason, laborers, mechanics liked this soap in order to make themselves clean by all washing means .This soap was not less than a facility for the poor. Who were conscious about dearness even at that time many years ago, as they were not able to avail quality soap for which they inclined to?
With the inspiration of that soap media has introduced a new soap on his inventors’ name which is called Hoodbhoy Soap. Media wants to promote this soap because the inventor of this soap has claimed that this soap has cleaned up Abu malala and family who are now innocent. And now Malalas’ family is using this soap instead of using imported American soap which they have been using for many years. This soap has made up with the fat of American Hippos’ fats that was crossed by the Israeli pig in Washington DC. The inventor used the physics theory in order to make this extra ordinary soap .Hoodbhoy wanted to promote this soap in a T.V show in the presence of distinguished columnist Orya Maqbool jan and Ansar Abassi but in the presence this soap was melt down and began to produce a hell of reek for which every one had to put hand kerchief on his neck and had to say ,Oh what kind of soap is this with hell of reeking in spite of producing aromatic fragrance like other conventional soaps, this is reeking like the book of Malala!
During the show by opening the reaper of the soap Mr. Hoodbhoy smelled his soap himself and went made and began abusing like a ill-mannered and illiterate villager in an obstinate way which was unbearable for those distinguished personalities who were invited in the show who could not help commenting on Mr. Hoodbhoy for being moron despite having higher education.
Many scientists have gone mad after the failure of their inventions and that time same had happened with the inventor of Hoodbhoy Soap right in the show on a famous channel by abusing and calling names of honorable guests who were much more learned than Mr. Hoodbhoy. And were not looking hostile to the crazy views of him which was shameless and condemnable on that level where he was invited to talk.
Ansar Abassi and Orya Maqbool was not agree to Hoodbhoy on his claim that this soap could clean up Malalas’ family esp. his father who are the central character of the famous international movie produced by CIA with spending a lot of money like the other Holy wood movies ,Later it was given many awards including Nobel Prize. So in the show Hoodbhoys’ theory was badly rejected with much more reaction on the part of Ansar Abassi and Orya Maqbool as this was the role of blunders and fairy tales which can be written even by an illiterate villager while milking the cow and compiling the dung.
It felt as though that Hoodbhoy was looking for the chance to be in good book of Uncle Sam like Malala and family and did not care about the silk point for which Orya Maqbool and Ansar Abassi insisting in true manners which was shamelessly ignored by the Hoodbhoy who was suffering from the fits of misbehaving and abusing .Orya was not interested in any Kind of Hoodbhoy Soap ,he was indicated that Malala did not use the respected way by describing the name of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and wrote Him in an ordinary way which is unbearable because even Non Muslims write this Name with lot of respect.Ansar Abassi and Orya Maqbool wanted to discuss regarding the Best Man in best way which was unknown for Mr. Hoodbhoy in spite of being Muslim like Malala and his father who even advocated Slman Rashdi in hidden way .
If Hoodbhoy wants to promote his soap he must find the US Market where Malalas’ father has already consulted in order to earn a lot of de facto fame and Dollars in a cheep way by selling the innocence of his daughter and the honor of the nation. Hoodbhoys’ Soap is as bogus and worthless as Malala and his book is.

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