Imran Khan Exclusive On Khara Sach By Mubashir Luqman – Against GEO TV

Media was starts in Pakistan but may it can change positively the whole journalism of Pakistan or it will destroy the image of electronic media.
Mubshar Luqman in a recent interview with most famous leader of youth and chairman of PTI Imran Khan while discuss countless issues of Pakistan but also presented some. Documentary proofs against Geo and jung group that the discussed group is collecting founds from the enemies of nation India,Israel and America for the given takes to spoil the youth mentality in Pakistan and to De shape the religious values of Muslims in Pakistan. exposed
If he is true then why government and institutes like supreem court are silent about Geo and Jung group. Some other recourse also claimed that a person from Geo four Pervaiz Musharraf to attack on Lal Masjid, their programs Amam ki Asha also sponsored by the India and Israel.

Kharra Sach ( 28th October 2013 ) Imran Khan… by thenewstrans

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