In Arshad Pappu’s Killing case, inspector Javed Baloch involved

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KARACHI: SHO Javed Baloch, who was apprehended by Rangers personnel on September 29 throughout a targeted procedure, revealed on Monday minutia of the gruesome killing of Arshad Pappu, leader of a infamous Lyari gang.

According to his statement, Pappu, his male sibling Yasir and their confidante Shera Pathan were all picked up from the dwelling of Sub-Inspector Zakir in Karachi’s Defence locality. He supplemented that the kidnappers were wearing uniforms of Rangers personnel.

Baloch asserted that Pappu and Yasir were taken to Afshan Gali, while Shera Pathan was taken to another location.

He further said that after being tortured for over an hour, Pappu and his male sibling were decapitated with a blade. The dead bodies were then paraded through the localities of Gabol and Aman Park, after which they were cut up into pieces before being set alight.

The ashes of both were then thrown into the canals.

Baloch furthermore said that the video of the torture administered on Pappu was subsequent shown to others who were kidnapped to scare them into obeying with the abductors’ orders.

The previous SHO furthermore supplied the administration with a CD displaying the torture administered on Pappu.


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