Killing of T.T.P chief, Made in America Conspiracy

new american conspiracy
new american conspiracy
new american conspiracy

Talliban leader secretly burried in waziristan today .sources or media are rumouring about the revenge of said Taliban leader by suicide attacks and other terrorist activities.
After killing of Taliban chief in a drone attack ,western media is taking this incident as a tool of publication in order to spread this rumour that Taliban would revenge in upcoming days and media is also inspiring the Taliban to think pakistan responsible for this incidence so that negotiation between Pakistan and Taliban would be dismissed .
This deep conspiracy on the part of America is showing that, America and some international forces do not want to see Pakistan stabled .First America provoked Taliban by killing their chief in a drone attak, second media under the command of Israel is doing his job like a ring leader without knowing this fact that this world is not blind and can not be fooled again and again.If Taliban reacts they will be enticed and seduced by them due to some puppits working in Waziristan for America.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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