Leader Of Haqqani Network Killed in Recent U.S Drone Attack

drone attacks in pakistan
drone attacks in pakistan

Drone attacks by U.S and NATO Forces in the North-West Area of Pakistan. 21 November 2013 U.S Drone Attack a senior Leader of Haqqani Network Maulana Ahmed Jan killed alongwith 8 others in Bannu District Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.

The Drone attack hits a religious seminary that was used for terrorist activities according to the Military Officials of Pakistan, Sources told that the Haqqani Network Leader was involved or blamed for several deadliest terrorism activities in Pakistan and neighbouring country Afghanistan.

Haqqani sources told that the spiritual leader of Haqqani Network Maulana Ahmed Jan was in the seminary ”Madrassa” and killed in today’s strike, In the begining of this month Nasiruddin Haqqani who was a cheif financer of Haqqani network killed by unknown gunmen in a village of Pakistani capital city Islamabad.

As usual Pakistani Government condemned the drone attack and make a noise on the violation of sovereignty of Pakistan, This was 1st Drone attack in the so called Frontier Region Pakhtunkhwa Province Bannu District Pakistan and this is also the 1st drone attack after the assasination of Hakimullah Mehsud.

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