Lyari gang war Leader Sheraz Comrade arrested at Lahore airport

sheraz comerade
sheraz comerade
sheraz comerade lyari gang leader arrested at allama iqbal airport Lahore Pakistan

LAHORE: Personnel of a perceptive bureau apprehended a major accused of Karachi Lyari gang conflict entitled Sheraz Comrade and his two accomplices when they were endeavouring to escape to Dubai from the Allama Iqbal worldwide aerodrome on Tuesday.

The arrested individuals have been moved to an unidentified location for interrogation. Rest of two accomplices of comrade were recognised as Zakir Mogheeri and Awais Tipu. The bureau personnel undertook a raid outside the building of the Lahore aerodrome on a tip-off and apprehended them minutes before they were about to go by plane to Dubai.

Sheraz Comrade was wanted by the LEA in more than 100 situations of extortion, target killings and kidnappings for ransom. The Sindh government had also repaired Rs5 lakh as head cash for the apprehend of Comrade. shortly after the arrest of Comrade, policemanman and other LEAs conducted raids in distinct parts of the city to arrest other lawless persons and their facilitators on the pointing of apprehended suspect persons.

It is worth mentioning that the Lahore policeman had arrested a notorious goal killer Amin Baleedi. The law-enforcement agencies have become hardworking since the lawless persons of the Lyari gang war have begun escaping to distinct parts of the country after the launch of targeted procedure against lawless persons in Karachi.

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