Malala An American Hollywood Movie

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No one is fool in this world but the man who thinks other fool .Malala,s issue has been proceeded to be a an open ridiculous secret .notwithstanding ,Nobel prize along with other prizes has been conferred upon the services of Malala,s family in swat for US government in order to defame and spoil the image of  Taliban and Islam as well.But facts cannot lie even if it gets co.operation from top influential electronic media support in order to protect the long lasting regarding greater Israel and American new world order.Mlalala is not an extraordinary natural born talent but an out standing puppet in the hands of America directly ,controlled by Jews indirectly.

Importance of Swat is not hidden any more as many national and international interests are lying behind the perspective.White crows are flying on the stage.this seems like holy wood movie with transported Pakistani  native character  “Malala”. This film is having ,a heroine,a villain, supporting characters.Main theme  is written by Jews writers and sponsored with the guarantee of firm media support.American CIA is the producer of the film.Malala is the heroine of De fact o fame .supporting character is malala,s father and his friend along with famous journalist Adam De Ellick , and villain is sure to the audience known as Talliban with cruel and violent activities such as  Malala,s shoot out with a blind shooter.Adam de ellick played double role in the film ,first for CIA,second for his newspaper New Yark time for which he  must have received “A small fortune”.

this movie is skillfully filmed but the description of  action scene is full of crap because Malala’s shoot out was not as natural as it should be relating to the fame of Holy wood film’s shooting of real scenes.

Malala is nothing but the daughter of a guided agent of CIA who trained his own daughter with cooperation of US aid along with many under cover CIA agents in swat valley.

It was planned drama and planted terrorism activity which was filmed in order to prove Taliban as terrorist.For the promotion of this block buster film”Malala”,international media including Pakistani media have played key role by creating a real image of sympathy of world towards Malala,The innocent girl of Swat.

What about the bullet of AK47 with the total range of 2500 meters,with 600 meters/sec velocity which can blow the human skull like a water melon, and what about  the trained terrorist shooter who narrowly missed as bullet could not perform its deadly role.And strange thing is that where is the mark of bullet or surgery on the head of Malala and the most strange thing is her hair was not shaved for head surgery which is the main basic step in all head surgeries.

Actually Malala is made of steal rather than flash and bone like the other ordinary human being, like the  super man in holy wood films so no bullet can harm her as she is the girl of steal and sister of super man invented by America in Swat and rightly is liable for the the prizes and media coverage.

So dont think wrong Malala is the Iron girl of Swat.

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