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Why I am Pakistani?

I am Pakistani and what is the reason for being deprived from the each and every right which has been either snatched or not been given yet?

Every day i think about good future and every night dream off prosperity and standard way of life for my family. After the zealous day I gets Tired of my life which has turned into a fight of survival in the dark shadows of frustration and hopelessness, Nothing is life saving and optimistic for the coming days. In the plight of circumstances,no one is the center of my hopes,  if i points out someone who is proved more than a robber later and I turn my attention to another one with the same results .
I don’t have awfully increased appetite like the people with standard living who are much more facilitated than me but some fundamental needs of a normal routine life by getting rights and performing duties. Inspite of this I am getting more challenges with zillions of risks by and by. Why can I not live in Pakistan as Pakistani like the prominent elite class who is using all sources of its share and snatching the sources of my share too? I am suffering from the load shedding by observing the calamity of small traders and common mass. I am suffering from the dreadful dearness despite I am paying all the taxes. I don’t have Justice in Police stations where I am ridiculed badly even courts  for justice are dragging me every where.
Why My son is less important than Bilawal, Hamza Shehbaz and Hussain Nawaz. My Daughter is not as respectable as Bakhtawar, Asifa and Maryam Nawaz are. Terrorism, dearness, load shedding, unemployment, diseases and less availability of Basic and fundamentals rights are my destiny, this is the status of more than 90% people of Pakistan.
These above mentioned problems are not for the elite class who comes in power with my vote, Why? If I am involved in the corruption of 100 rupees i got punished but if our stakeholders gets involved in the corruption of billions of rupees could get the way to escape by NRO( National Reconciliation Ordinance). Why NRO not for the ordinary men ? Is it the right of being mightily in order to justify the saying that ” Might is Right”

Why I am Pakistani?
Why I am Pakistani?

am not served by the bureaucracy but ruled by this. Police, Doctor, Judge, Patwari, Minister all are appointed as Public Servants but behave like a ruler and think the people like me as slaves. Every Government is the maw where every application for Justice is disappeared. Mian’s, Feudal Lords, Chaudhari’s have gathered wealth with both hands and nothing left for the public even military is taking more than 70% of Budget in the name of defence. From the head to a peon in each department every one is corrupt according to his power.

Leaders are even sold for Dollars with no regret for Pakistan and its natives, Bhand and Kanjars are playing the Flute of peace and friendship between India and Pakistan by knowing this who is our worst enemy.
IMF, World Bank are releasing loans for heavy interest and strict conditions for which we are being imposed a serial of enormous taxes.
America in The name of ”War Against Terror” has killed many innocent Pakistaniesb via drone attacks and there is no regret. Raymond Davis killed Pakistanis but could not be trialed and were sent back to America with full protocol. Black Water, CIA, MOSSAD, RAW and others foreign secret Agencies are wandering in Pakistan like blood hounds and there is no restriction for them.
Every common man is disturbed and suffering from uncertainty but elite class and ruling families are in calm and peace as they are indifferent from the common mass and small fries which are called Pakistanis.

main hoon pakistan
main hoon pakistan

Is This Pakistan of Hazrat Quaid e Azam which was the result of Iqbal’s dream ?

No this is not the Pakistan which was demanded in 1947. With the death of Quaid e Azam, Ideal pakistan was put to the death either, our corrupt bureaucracy, our dishonest rulers, feudal lords, Leaders and politicians all are the puppets in foreign hands ,have crashed Pakistan. Pakistan is not for the people of 98% poor Population but for the 2% upper class who are almost all Dual nationality holders.
At the end I pray for my country and the people of my country to stay blessed and May Allah Showers his blessings upon us, may Allah create brotherhood, peacefulness and purity of souls and hearts among us.

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