Muharram Starts with Undersection 144 Implementation

Yomeashoor processions,
Yomeashoor processions,

Muharram starts and the New islamic Year also start but in Pakistan A wave of fearness sorrounded in the whole country, There are three Major Sacts exist in Pakistan
Ahl e Sunnat
Ahl e Hadith
Ahl e Tashayuh


Month Of Muharram although much important for the whole Islamic Nation But Shia Sact is having some of there riligious rituals in the first decade of Muharran, On the 10th of Muharram Shi’ites and whole Islamic Nation Celebrate Yom-e-Ashoor, the processions in the remembrance of hazrat Imam Hussain and their followers organised in the different parts of Cities
In Pakistan the administrators of Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan and Gilgit-Baltistan enforced Section 144 Criminal peanal court for 1st 10 days of Holy month of Muharram due to security causes, Double riding on motocycles also considering to ban in some cities of pakistan
we should poduce religious harmony within all sacts to wipe out that bloody conspiracies by the enemies of Islam we are the muslims followers of One Quran then why we are not united this is my qustion to whole Nation.


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