Murder Of Hakimullah Mehsud, Murder Of Peace Negotiation

hakimullah mehsud killing
hakimullah mehsud killing1
hakimullah mehsud killing1

Pakistan is terribly Suffering from terrorism for many year, There are  many various views of people who generally opine that America not Taliban is responsible for all uncertainity regarding the terrorist activities on the part of Taliban.

Interior Minister of Pakistan Chaudhary Nisar Ahmad submitted a state, That America should not have done the killing activity through drone attack as this is unnecessary interfair in internal matter of Pakistan.

The whole world through media knows this thing that there is some zeal going on for the negotiation between Pakistan and Taliban, even Taliban was showing flexibility for negotiation related to peace which has been spoiled by America in a mean way.

What is the purpose behind the drone attack on hakimUllah Mehsood?

Why America do not want negotiataion between Pakistan and Taliban?

Why America have negotiated with Taliban many time in past?

is peace in pakistan is harmful for America?

Stability in Pakistan is tickling in the eyes of USA along with Indai and Israel?

Is Pakistan next target of world conspiracy?

Why can we not negotiat and only America can in the same way?

If allied forces would be in danger after maitaining peace in Pakistan?

 After peace negotiations  ,Taliban would change the target by aiming at NATO forces ,India in Kashmir,Israel in Pelistine?

Every thing is clear in the mirror of reality but we (Muslims) are asleep, and if open our eyes then fight with each other which gives benefits to anti Islam and anti Pakistan forces. Beware America in Pakistan is as noxious as Idia is.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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