New Drone attack reveals The Mentality Of USA




Drone attack will target the dialogues between Pakistan and taliban .
(our news sources) new drone attak will seriously effected the continity of dialogues for peace between pakistan and Talibans which were started after the demand of distiguish politicions of Pakistan who opine that war between Pakistan army and Taliban would have disastrous aftermaths not only for Pakistan but also for the entire world and this is quite necessary to approach the dialogue table as there is no selution expect negotioation.
Dialogues are considerd in the favor of Pakistan relating to present situation of peace which has changed into plight due to present drone attack of world famous so-called peace lover USA.
This mischief on the part of United states is no more than a monkeys activity to add fuel to fire and has shown the mean mentality of US think tanks who do not desires to see the stability of Pakistan by spoiling each and every thing who goes in the favor of peace .

Author: Ghu Hasa

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