Now In Sheikhupura a 3 year girl raped by a Beast

girl raped in Sheikhupura
girl raped in Sheikhupura
Girl Raped in Sheikhupura
Sheikhupura: Ignorance period is back again in Pakistan. A beast in Sheikhupura kidnapped a three-year-old girl victims of brutal rape, this is going countless in Pakistan that teenager girls kidnapped for raping.  Sheikhupura 3 years daughter of a  labourer Abbas dhamky, raped accused Zeeshan alias shani bring her out in the feilds and after raping left her  in critical condition, outside the fields. Doctor Mubashar described when the progeny was brought to DHQ Hospital it is Verified that she is a prey of rape, sheikhupura police find out accused Zeeshan Alias Shani from Sharaqpur



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