Pakistan Introduced Fingerprint Technology Before iPhone 5


Before Apple to Introduced worlwide its fingerprint detecting feature in iPhone 5S Pakistani (NADRA)National Database & Registration Authority has indigenously enhanced its capability to verify voters’ biometric fingerprints from 100 per day to 100,000 per day.

NADRA head person Tariq Malik in a press issue handed out here on Tuesday said NADRA is all set to carry out fingerprint authentication through its Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) in a attempt to assist Election . The tribunals are established by Election charge of Pakistan which will hear and decide election appeals in post-general election 2013 scenario, he supplemented.

Malik said, “Initially, NADRA had capability of equivalent only 100 fingerprints per day. The capability has now been indigenous upgraded to 100,000 fingerprints equivalent per day in the lightweight of expected workload from Election Tribunals.

Such thousand-fold boost in every day yield has been achieved through in-house programs development by NADRA’s own engineers. NADRA has used its own interior assets without any financial aid from Election charge of Pakistan or Government of Pakistan. However, NADRA is not buying any software improvement from any business due to this success.”

The Election charge has already set up fourteen election tribunals countrywide under Representation of Peoples Act (RPA) 1976 are empowered to mention cases to NADRA for verifying the thumb effects regarding votes cast in subject constituencies in case comprehensive inquiry is organised.

The NADRA head person sustained that through this service NADRA would be adept to aid election tribunals in three ways. First, it would recognise the number of votes which were cast by respective persona. Secondly, it would recognise the number of votes which were cast by someone else rather than of voter . Thirdly, help in identifying the individuals who cast bogus votes. farther he said the environment of sensitivity of evidence called for NADRA to develop a string of links of custody methodology to handle electoral rolls utilised in general elections 2013. public representatives and newspapers persons along with its own employees working on the project. These guidelines will be handed out after approval from Election Tribunals which aim at double-checking and maintaining political impartiality.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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