Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project not possible to implement


Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project

Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that  because of international sanctions on Iran, Pak-Iran gas pipeline project implement is not possible at this time.

The questions hang in the Senate on Tuesday, during one of Senator Saleem H. Mandi in a question session. Mandi said the senator had no such proposal is under consideration of  under the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project has ended and the end of the penalty imposed by law on Pakistan will contain how many dollars?


Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, told the House Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project under consideration is a proposal to abandon the project due to international sanctions on Iran is not able to be processed.

He said that as far as Pakistan is the fines to end this discussion, other than arbitration, there are many ways through which fines can be ended. The minister told the House that Iran’s South Fars gas field 900 kilometers of pipeline while Pakistan has completed a portion of the project has been able to complete the second phase of land acquisition undertaken will.

Mohammad Rafique PML-N senator said that the project was signed in the previous government of PPP and if the project was not viable what is the reason that government had signed the project?

remember that gas pipeline between Pakistan and Iran for a $ 7.6 billion deal under which Iran Fars gas field is linked to in the south of Multan in Punjab province. The project ‘peace pipeline’ has been named presidents of Iran and Pakistan in March this year, the project was officially inaugurated.


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