Pakistan: It’s our internal matter to talk with Taliban

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It’s our interior meter to talk with Taliban say by Pakistan, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tasneem Aslam clear that the internal problem of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, and the current negotiations with the Afghan governments desire that the Taliban and the Haqqani network to resolve all issues through dialogue.

The Impacts of Indian and Afghan election on Pakistan

The ongoing general elections in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan presidential election results in the formation of the new government elected not only diplomatic, commercial and political relations will enhance the efforts for peace in the region also strengthened will.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said that Islamabad on Thursday told reporters at his weekly briefing. They also welcomed the recent elections in India, saying that he is the people’s fundamental and democratic right to vote and choose their favorite political parties and candidates.

Tasneem aslam

Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman said that the desire for peace and stability in the region, the implementation of the eight-point agenda so that economic ties between Pakistan and India could help.

She said that elected President as a result of the elections in Afghanistan and relations with the government of Pakistan are important and the new Afghan leadership with Pakistan diplomatic, political and trade relations have developed to stabilize longer than the new Afghan government in Pakistan Similar response is expected.

Foreign Office spokesman of the Iranian border guards this week in response to a question about recovery when the incident occurred, told Pakistan since then all the relevant agencies within the country, but fortunately alerted captives recovery process happened at Iranian border

Tasneem Ashraf said that Pakistan-Iran friendly event and will not adversely affect the already shaky relations an example of the recent Pak-Iran joint naval military exercises.

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