PM Youth Loan Scheme, Mission Impossible 4 ( written by Aflatoon)

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Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme: New upcoming movie of Pakistan.

Sponsored by: The Government of Pakistan.

Producer: Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif prime minister of Pakistan.

Hero: Tom cruise refused to take the task because this would be a hardest role of his entire life

Heroine : Public of Pakistan (who dies before the interval of the film)

Villain: Guarantor

Directer: World Bank

Written by: IMF

Description of the story

seeing the plight of Pakistan film industry,Prime minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif decided to make film on prime minister youth loan scheme which will follow the world famous movie Mission Impossible ,so the name of this film is also Mission Impossible 4.

story of this film starts in poor country Pakistan where unemployment ,dearness and terrorism get zenith. Though every one is corrupt,public is highly disturbed due to the political robber,humane neck of the woods has turned in to a jungle where the constitution of might is imposed.There are many tricks in the film which captured the audience attention and made this movie as the tragic master piece.A poor country with millions of people are facing the humane predators who are called elite class and ruling persons.In this situation Prime minister of Pakistan announces a loan scheme for youth which could change the fate in his opinion.This Prime minister youth loan scheme

proved to be mission impossible as many people get forms but did not get loan due to the impossible conditions of getting loan.This loan will be given by opening the clutch of lion and lifting the wight of an elephant for which Tarzan is required but there is no Tarzan available in the entire nation who is about to die with hunger and uncertainty.

In the start of the movie half dead heroine (people of Pakistan) tries to get loan but by knowing the conditions and requirements for Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme .she dies before the interval.This movie gets block buster success on BOX Office without Hero .Tom cruse was consulted for the character of Hero and was instructed to get loan in the film but when he came to know about the terms and conditions he ran away. Shehbaz sharif performed in item song and after the shooting he went to India in order to watch a kabaddi match .

In the end The Prime Minister Youth Scheme was stopped and people were allowed to commit suicide on their own expenses.

Moral of the Movie:

1.Every loan is away from the reach of poor public but in the access of the rich.

2.Prime Minister youth loan scheme is Mission Impossible 4 but without Tom Cruse.

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