Potato drone attack ,what would you like?peace Or Aalu?

potato drone attack
potato drone attack
potato drone attack

According to our sources,All vegetables reach the peek prices after the dreadful dearness of Potatoes .Tomatoes are also following the race in order to deal with the small fries of Pakistan which is called public along with human.
potatoes and tomatoes are being sold in the market where the poor could only see them .neither can touch nor can buy in the hell of dearness maintained by the government of Pakistan .Potatoes new crop is not reached in the market and stock is being sold with high sky touching prices.
Sold end of its old stock.A very common and cheap vegetable potato and tomato is in the deep suffering of dearness which could crush not only the lower middle class but also trample the middle class with heavy step of elephant .This appears to be an other new kind of drone attack which is called potato drone attack.


Author: Ghu Hasa

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