Rebels attack on police station, army camp in Indian occupied Kashmir

rebal attack in Kashmir
rebal attack in Kashmir
Jammo kashmir rebal attack about 10 killed

Two fighters died and three other ones were critically hurt in the second strike, an armed detachment agent said on status of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to reporters.
TV footage displayed a helicopter hovering beside the armed detachment bivouac as the soldiers discharged at the attackers. Two containers moved inside the bivouac looking for the assailants.
In the first strike, three gunmen clothed in Indian army uniforms squirted projectiles at a police station, murdering at least four agents and two citizens, according to several police agents. The attackers then hijacked a motor motor truck to get away and drove it to the armed detachment bivouac, about 25 kilometres away.
The police agents spoke on status of anonymity because they were not authorized to converse to reporters.
Shams-ul-Haque asserting to be the representative of a before unknown militant assembly — Shohada Brigade, or Martyr’s Brigade — claimed blame for the twin attacks in a telephone call to a localized English every day, the Kashmir supervisee.
India and Pakistan both assertion Kashmir in its entirety, and insurgent assemblies have been fighting Indian rule since 1989. India accuses Pakistan of teaching and arming Kashmiri militants who convey out attacks in the Indian piece of Kashmir, but Islamabad refutes that.
Manmohan Singh accused the attacks and said in a declaration that India was “firmly resolved to battle and beat the terrorist menace that continues to obtain support and reinforcement from over the border (in Pakistan).”
He said, although, that such attacks would not do well in derailing India’s efforts to determination its dissimilarities with Pakistan through dialogue.
Prasad, the state police agent, said both attacks emerged to have been conveyed out by the identical assembly and that security forces were battling the attackers at the armed detachment bivouac.
The district is almost 350 kilometres south of Srinagar, the main town in Indian Kashmir.soon after the attacks, administration shut traffic on the close by main main road linking Indian Kashmir with the rest of the homeland.
Singh and Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif, to meet this weekend in the UN General Assembly gathering. The two are expected to talk about steps to advance ties.
Omar Abdullah, the peak elected authorized in Jammu-Kashmir state, said Thursday’s attacks were directed at derailing the suggested dialogue between the two national Prime ministers.
India feels Pakistan is not doing sufficient to rein in Islamic militants.
In August, the murdering of five Indian fighters, which New Delhi accused on Pakistani troops, increased stress and threatened to derail overtures directed at restarting calm talks between the nuclear-armed neighbours. The dialogue was cut off after fighting between Indian and Pakistani fighters on the disputed Kashmir boundary in January.
India and Pakistan have battled two conflicts over command of Kashmir since they gained self-reliance from Britain.
A 2003 cease-fire affirmation has largely calmed the argued boundary. The two nations rarely accuse each other of violating it by blasting mortars or gunshots, and several soldiers were slain on each edge in January in cross-border attacks.

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