Six Pakistani Missing Persons Found From Bagram Jail Afghanistan

Six Pakistanis Released After Eight Years From Bagram Prison
sara bilal JPP
sara bilal JPP

The six Pakistani detainees released from Bagram Prison Afghanistan and currently behind bars in Peshawar Central Jail

Supreme Court Of Pakistan strictly ordered to present missing persons before court within 24 hours, But the authorities failed still to find out all the detainees but some of them found from Bagram Jail Afghanistan. These six Pakistanis are Hamidullah Khan, Pak Jan, Jan Sher, Salman, Muhammad Riaz, Imran Khan and Abdul Karim. Hamidullah Khan belongs from Karachi. He has been living in Karachi from last 20 years before he was arrested in Afghanistan. And other fives prisoners are belong to North and South Waziristan agencies.
They meet their families and lawyers with the Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) who is pursuing the case at Lahore High Court (LHC). The interior ministry of Pakistan is directed to facilitate the meeting by, the Justice Khalid Mehmood Khan of the Lahore High Court (LHC).
Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) said in an issued statement that, at the time of meeting Hamidullah with his father his father’s eyes was full of tears. First of all he asked from his father about his mother. The father of Hamidullah Khan answered him that, “It was good that she was not here because she would never let go,”
Sarah Bilal Director of JPP told that they were not given time to investigate the actual purpose for which the detainees went to Afghanistan and how they were arrested. In 2010 they had filed case for these six prisoners.
She also said that, “case remains unclear due to this these peoples cannot go home. No evidence has been produced against these six prisoners,” She also said that,” We request the Pakistan’s government to accord these six citizens the rights they have been denied for so long in US custody”.

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