Taliban with the New Chief

Khan SAiD, Talibans' new chief


Khan SAiD, Talibans' new chief
Khan SAiD, Talibans’ new chief

Pakistan Taliban has chosed new leader Khan Said Sajna After the death of Hakim ulla mehsood talibans’ new appoited leader Khan Said Sajna was the involed in navel base attack and the jail brak by freeing 400 prisoners from Banu district . TTP oppinted Khan said as the new chief in a secret meeting in North Waziristan by votting as he got 43 votes out 60 in consultative body of T.T.P. He was the close one to former chief who was embraced death in a drone attack.He was reported to be involed in many terrorist activites in past for T.T.P in Pakistan. Khan Said is not educated either religous or conventional but have the experience of guerilla battle and direct or indirect way of war. TTP spokesman is currently refusing that the TTP council has elected Khan Said as its new leader and insisted that meeting is not over regarding the new chief in North Waziristan.

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