The constiution = prostitution in pakistan

Musharraf Vs Supreme Court

Musharraf Vs Supreme Court
Musharraf Vs Supreme Court

Having submitted the surity bonds of now Musharaf is the free man on Pak territory .Musharaf has granted bail and his last case from which he was considered to be lieable for bail and now there is no home prison for him in pakistan ,but in eternal life its hard to say ,what would be happen in the presence of many innocent souls of Lal Masjid martyrs.
Selling Pakistani in the hands of America is now  proved to be profitable business for Musharaf who has confessed for his sin in his book ,In The Line Of Fire, that he has put to auction so many compatriats during his rein.
Musharaf was permitted bail in the case of Lal Masjid in which Gazi Abdul Rasheed murder was the burnig issue .

His lawyer Ilyas Sidiqui commented that the Ex-miltary Super man who was renown for showing his punch, could reach the
Sindh high court in order to exclude his name from the exit control list .According to sources he would have heavy sucurity around his residence on the edge of Islamabad as he is antispating threat for his life on the part of Taliban .
This proves that there is constitution for the common mass in pakistan with the letters and spirits but this is not same for the former and in power personalities provided America is in the back .So it should be announced that consititution is no more than prostitution for the elite class in Pakistan.Long live Musharaf ,long live America Short live the public of Pakistan.

Performance Of Supreme Court In Ex General Musharraf Case is suspicious and have question mark on its justice providing system, even two governments, former government of Mr Zardari and the Current government Of Nawaz Sharif has expressed in the past that Musharraf would have very serious trial for his blunders which are equal to treachery towards Pakistani Constitution, which was badly broken and ridiculed on the part of former president and army cheif General Pervaiz Musharraf .

                What about The assessination ofTribal Leader Akbar Bugti and lot of others are still lost by status ?

                What About Dr Aafia Siddiqui (The Daughter Of Nation)?

               What about the permition of Drone attacks for the very 1st Time in Pakistan?

                What About the dismissal of Current Cheif Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary in an unconstitutional way?

               What about the turmoil of Long March By Lawyers movements for the restoration of Cheif Justice Mr Iftikhar Chaudhary?

                The role of honourable Cheif Justice Of Pakistan in General Mushrraf case is pretty silent and showing no reaction but things seems to be planted by providing the way to escape for General musharraf. This act on the part of supereme court is creating frustration and snatching the all trust of public of Pakistan upon the Constitution and Cheif Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary as well.

                So Mr Aflatoon opines that Constitution is equal to prostitution in Pakistan So Iftikhar Chaudhary should ashamed of that for degrading his own image in the minds of Common man.

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