Transgender In Pakistan

Pakistani-hijras-transgen-006 (1)
Pakistani-hijras-transgen-006 (1)
Pakistani-hijras-transgen-006 (1)

Though Transgenders importance and status has been accepted in western world but in Pakistan this community has not get any prominent status yet due to many espects and reasons behind. There are commonly three types of Tran’s genders in Pakistan.

  1. Trans Genders by birth

There no so many cases of transgender by birth. These types of transgender are by birth either from male or from female. These types of Transgender are consisting of.

  1. Type 1st Transgender with the physical display of a male and the 2nd in body shape of female.
  2. Trans genders by transforming

Many of trans genders have become due to surgery according to their own wish by cutting of penis and making chests and hip has visible as though they were looked like a female this step is quite bold and difficult in Pakistan regarding surgical method gender of transforming but its ratter easy and convenient in western world with tremendous technology away from any side effect and harmful aftermaths. Having undergone the surgical process transgender enhances the community and gets permanent status in his class. The process of surgery in Pakistan for Transgender is quite painful and horrible which fears enough with each story.

Process of surgery in a conventional way in Pakistan is a straight forward simple method of cutting organs without any precautions and proper anesthesia which gives pain and complications and sometimes put to death of a upcoming trans genders during the operation or after the operation.

In Pakistan all Transgender usually have boss which is called “Guru”. This Guru is elected with services and experience as transgender and do everything for the fake of his community on local bases or regional bases. When someone desires to become a Transgender he was sent with Guru, who takes this work as a responsibility. Guru takes the welling one with him away from the city in a vacant house where doctor is available with the preparation of surgery of transforming. Doctor gives local anesthesia and starts operating with assistance of Guru. After cutting penis doctor is no allowed to give him pain killer medicine, or anything regarding the post operation treatment. A silver pin was put in the hale of urethra in order to shape the urine. A transgender remains in the situation for 40 days and Guru himself looks after him. After the period of 40 days a trans gender has increased the community in the command of his/her Guru and is bound to pay some money to his Guru from his routine earning and this money is spent collectively for the welfare of trans genders.

trasngender in pakistan
trasngender in pakistan

This type of transgender are usually homosexual and in order to fulfill their desire the become transgender. This is not the care of common transgender but the matter of habitual and fake ones who are involved in sexual activities like a transgender and sometime like a male towards female. This type of transgender is the majority. Most of transgender in Europe, Asia and all over the world are of this kind and sometimes are respectfully called as homosexual by law in Europe, America and England etc.

But in Pakistan there is no respect for them, they are teased by the people, stand hatred and despite for some rupees and many time become the easy prey of physical assault on the part of local rascals.


All three types of transgender work under the command of their Guru who gives them protection and takes steps for their betterment. Guru is himself a transgender who has the better and sweet experience as a common one and has all collection of money. Guru is not the character of poor transgender but the rich personality by wealth for which there is not accountability or audit. No one can doubt about Guru and has no permission go against the command and control others uses he was turn from the community out many Guru are running transgender NGO’s and receiving find from the abroad. But the status of a common transgender is same like a small fry who is not different from the ordinary people of Pakistan who are suffering from many trances on account of their natural Gender Guru which is called leader or rule.

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