Winter Season Start, Fog Brought Cold, Cough and Chest Problems




Winter season start very late in Pakistan, Normally its start form in the early November but this year It is begun in the last mid of January.

If there is no rain in the winter season then that called dry cold season which may cause dry cough, cold, flu and other Lower and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, so there is also chances of chest congestion.

Now come to treatment……..

London, In a recent survey by Cardiff University researchers of common cold center claimed after a research that “Aspirin” is the drug of choice in the treatment of throat Pain and Respiratory diseases, they also advised that affectees should avoid from Antibiotic like microlides, quinolones and cephalosporine because They disturb Gastro Intestinal System especially They damage the useful bacteria who help into the food absorption in the body and that cause a lot of dysfunctions.

Cordiff university’s researchers also told that the use of Aspirin solution relaxant the throat muscles and Respiratory Tract congestion. In that survey also told that honey of some kind also useful against chest infections.

Dense Fog engulfs Pakistan cities especially in Punjab province eleven died and approximately Hundred injured in Fog related accidents, There are not Fog vision lights and suitable safety measures as well that cause accidents and dis happenings.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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