CM orders judicial inquiry into pindi incident

Shabaz sharif

shabaz sharif


Punjab CM orders judicial inquiry into Rawalpindi incident

ISLAMABAD: Punjab CM Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, while taking serious observe of the incident, organised a judicial investigation into the tragic conflict between two assemblies in Rawalpindi on Friday.

The head minister said that firm activity will be taken as per the regulation against the individuals engaged in the violence. Shahbaz demanded the Lahore High Court (LHC) chief fairness to hold a judicial investigation into the incident so that the blame could be repaired and the components be bestowed punishment as per the regulation.

In a declaration, Shahbaz Sharif expressed his heartfelt sorrow over the decrease of prized human lives in the tragic occurrence. Expressing sympathies with the bereaved families, he said that the blood of the deceased individuals will not proceed waste. He guaranteed that the murderers will be conveyed to justice. He said that implementation on the law would be double-checked at all costs and the elements creating lawlessness will be conveyed to fairness. The chief minister said that regulation and order position has stayed satisfactory all through the province throughout Ashra-e-Muharram. However, the tragic occurrence that occurred in Rawalpindi decimated the calm of the town and a few prized inhabits were lost due to the hooliganism between two assemblies.

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