Lalu Parasad and Altaf Hussain, Indian CBI Court and Pakistan Supereme Court

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There are lot of commons into two nations like culture, rituals, foods, faiths and much more in Pakistan and Indai, but curruption, terrorism , uncertainity, violence and poverty also common asset of said nations.
As there are lot of common into nations also found in peoples of them, Indian Lalu Parasad Yadav, a former federal minister and Party Leader of Government coalitioned party Rashtriya Janata Dal party and Altaf Hussain Chair person of Muttahida Qaumi Movement which is a manidated party of SINDH specially Karachi that is economic horizon of Pakistan but except of one that Altaf plays from London And Lalu remain in India..
According to
Altaf Hussain born At Karachi in 1953 and he starts his career as a student union leader at karachi Univercity where they founded All Pakistan Muhajjir Students Organisation (APMSO) which formed later in MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement).

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Wikipedia also claimed that Altaf has still 3576 murder and curruption cases upon him but he is relaxing under political asylum with british passport in London. but as we see that a special CBI court sentenced Lalu Parasad Yadav 5 Years Imprisonment alongwith 2.5 million Rs fine in Fodder Scam case, we feel ashamed on our political system and Judicial activism too, what a nation we are, are we nation or a group of wombs un-ethical, un-mannered and distributed.
I request Supereme court, like indian CBI Court which Punished a giant political personality without any pressure or fear, Supereme Court Should prove himself supereme in real words and also should play a vital role to wipe out curruption of Pakistan.

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