Nawaz Obama One-on-One Meeting in Washington, Nothing Notable concluded.

Nawazsharif obama meeting
Nawazsharif obama meeting
Nawazsharif obama meeting

Media from around the world had taken Obama and Nawaz sharif Meeting as hot issue and a breakthrough in the both countries relations. A lot of analysis and statements are made , a bundles of ghost stories written about that  meeting in Washington and its outcomes but now the cat is out of bag and nothing notable and countable concluded at the end of that meeting and press conference.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and President of United States Obama was in One-on-One Meeting last night and this meeting was continued about 90 minutes and after that meeting a press conference held by both of leaders.

Obama and Nawaz was dressed Same white shirts and absolutely same Blue ties and was in happy and satisfactory mood, Nawaz Sharif put three main issues up to the American President which was written on a chit in the hand of Mr Nawaz Sharif.

Nawaz requested to release Dr. Aafia Siddiqi a scientist and Gold Medalist in different educations sectors and in the response Obama demands Dr. Shakeel Afridi who is consider a traitor of Pakistan and a hero within Americans.

Nawaz secondly raised an 66 years old issue within two nuclear technology having state India and Pakistan, The Kashmir Issue but Obama not seen to take interest in that issue.

The 3rd and most important issue was to stop drone Attacks in Pakistan territories but Obama did not give a proper answer of that but he said some other constructive ways should be explored to respect Pakistani Sovereignty.

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