PM Nawaz Requested To Foreign Investors To Support ICT Projects


Prime Minister of Pakistan on the last Monday requested to foreign investors to strengthen his government’s efforts to enhance the progressive work and in the acceleration to digitize the homeland and create a knowledge-based finances for socio-economic development.In the meeting of Asia Pacific Summit 2013, which began in Bangkok on Monday

Pakistan accords largest priority to development of Information Communication technology (ICT) for quality services,paid work, learning, and women empowerment. He requested foreign investors to be partners with the Pakistan government in harnessing the country’s wealthy potential that is open for enterprise and keen on employed with international investors.
Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan Telecom infrastructure comprised about three million fixed lines,125 million mobile attachments, 19.8 million Internet users,three million WLL subscribers, 2.8 million broadband subscribers and 15.7 million wireless Internet users.
He said the government through Universal Service finance business, national ICT R&D finance business and Virtual University had started a variety of successful programmes to encourage ICT opportunities to accomplish these goals. He said some of these programmes are forms and are being replicated by other nations.
The major Minister said with the community of 180 million, Pakistan was strategically established on the crossroads of south and centered Asia and energy-rich Middle East.
Earlier, addressing the summit, the major Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra said the summit is being held to accomplish a widespread goal to develop better and wider connections between countries and peoples.
She said the ICT has progressed by increasing to cover other utilities, appliances in house and databases around the world and we need to double-check that persons of all nations have greater access to it.
UN receptionist General Ban Ki-Moon said the Asia-Pacific is huge and varied district, which has many centers of innovation in constructing and data and connection Technologies.
He said several nations in the region have experienced fast financial development yet there is a stark contrast in prosperity and development between high earnings countries and the smallest developed.

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