PM Nawaz Sharif Aganda: No Aid We Want Trade

WASHINGTON -PM Nawaz Sharif, who is leading a high-level delegation to the United States, held a string of meetings here on Monday focusing on enhanced economic collaboration between the two nations.
speaking to a accumulating of prominent enterprise leaders at the US-Pakistan Business assembly at the US sleeping room of Commerce, he pledged an investment-friendly and secure natural environment and asked for American entrepreneurs to avail the marvellous enterprise possibilities Pakistan offers.
PM Sharif sought American investment, especially in the power part to help Islamabad rendezvous its exponential development requirements, and get access to of textile goods to the US markets. He spoke about his countries demographic and geographical power and citied his government’s important reforms and principles to put country’s finances on sound footing.

Earlier, on Monday US power receptionist Ernest Moniz called on PM Sharif and considered bilateral collaboration in the power part. US Trade Representative Michael Froman furthermore called on the PM on Monday and considered ways to enhance bilateral cooperation.

“On its own, Pakistan is a democracy that is working hard to gets its economy going and deal with insurgency, and furthermore significant to the local stability” Kerry said.
receptionist Kerry expressed the self-assurance that the visit would supply the necessary impetus to farther make deeper and expand the US- Pakistan relations. Pakistan was an important homeland in the district and the US would be employed with the democratic government of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in all localities of bilateral relations under the revived means of the Strategic Dialogue, the Secretary worried.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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