PM Nawaz Sharif Departure to United States

Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif left Saturday on a three-day visit to the US where he will talk about a slew of matters including binds with India, thenewstrans describe.

The affiliated Press of Pakistan (APP) cited Sharif as saying that he would discuss with US agents the position in South Asia, including the latest scenario in Afghanistan.

Pakistan-India relatives may also number during the meetings, APP said.

Sharif will rendezvous US leader Barack Obama Oct 23 and discuss ways to reinforce bilateral trade and financial collaboration.

Washington and Islamabad expect a new stage in their connection when the US forces withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014 after more than 12 years of conflict with the Taliban.

The prime minister is anticipated to underline the significances of the 2014 Afghan transition on Pakistan.

During the visit, Sharif will also rendezvous US Vice leader Joe Biden.

He will attend a business event coordinated by the US-Pakistan Business assembly and will interact with the Pakistani-American community, Xinhua cited Pakistan’s foreign ministry as saying in a declaration Friday.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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