PML-N Leaders Fights Upon Appointing Chairman

PML-N a leader fights
PML-N a leader fights
PML-N a leader fights

Internal war Between PML-N started that seems Dangrous and crucial for democracy and Pakistani Nation.

You can see that after taking charge of PML-N  Govenment Passing more than 100 days. Thay are still failed to appoint the chairman of parliamentary committee. special team investigate and find out that there are some ministers of PML N and various dominant leader of the party behind the scene because they are not agreed on the names for chairmans of different boards.

A propoganda war is lying in the lines of PML N federal finance minister Ishaq Dar and Aftab Sheikh are tonic on that issue. Some other sources claimed that Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan Interior Minister of pakistan wants to put his own men into the directors, keep remember that there are the boards directers post are awaiting their heads and still vaccant.

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