Presiding officer, Assistant Professor Dyal Singh College Lahore got Arrested – Election 2013


A really bad news come in front today when a presiding officer who is an assistant professor in Dyal Singh Collage, Lahore got arrested and the judge who was returning officer in the particular Halqa order police to file a law suite against him and also put handcuffs in assistant Professor’s Hands.


 Assistant professor was with the view in front of returning office that he tried his best to submit all the results of the particular poling station in the night but even after his best efforts he cannot do because of heavy traffic in the way and as he was a patient of diabetes he was got so lethargic to fulfill his duties, so he decided to get back to home and got some sleep as he was really hurt by so long hard working, he even excuses for his act and added not to act as in future.

But the returning office was rejected his all excuses and asked the police to arrest him and file a suit against him, even handcuffed him and show his view that if he being a returning officer can wake since last 3 days then why not he as it was a national matter and there was no compromise on the duty for this matter.


  • What would be the status of Assistant Professor in front of his Students?
  • would there be the same honor Assistant Professor as he had?
  • Should returning officer did that act with a teacher?
  • Does returning office did the same if an empowered one did the act as Assistant professor do?

[quote]Wake up Pakistan and know what is a Teacher, if a returning officer is a returning officer today, he is because of teacher![/quote]

Author: Ghu Hasa

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