To be Hanged Till Death Law will not changed in Life Imprisonment: Ch Nisar


ISLAMABAD: There is no suggestion under concern to convert the death judgment into life imprisonment, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told the Senate on Wednesday.
answering to a question, the minister said a total of 13,223 death punishments were broadcast over the homeland since 2002, of which, 501 were performed.
A 2008 moratorium on capital punishment enforced by the Pakistan Peoples Party’s government expired on June 30 and the country was due to execute two imprisoned militants in August under the new government commanded by Pakistan Muslim association – Nawaz.
But reports soon appeared that the government cancelled designs to reinstate the death penalty following risks by militants to step up attacks in retaliation.
The government had previous said it wanted to reinstate the death punishment in a tender to chink down on lawless persons and militants in a move powerfully criticised by international human privileges assemblies.
Up to 8,000 persons languish on death strip in dozens of overcstripded and brutal jails.
The moratorium drew praise because of concerns its enclosures and police were too inept to double-check the suspect a equitable test. Pakistan did, although, break its own directions in 2012 when it executed a convicted murderer and a previous armed detachment serviceman.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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