Batting collapse of Pakistani Team, snatches victories

Pakistani team

After the retirement of Saeed  Anwar, Amir Sohail, Inzmam-ul-Haq, Pakistan could not have any prominent batsman of above said stander. For many years Pakistan is under going the crises in  batting line up which prevent him from giving consistent performance in international cricket.In the present selection much as many talented batsman like, Sohaib Maqsood, Ahmed Shahzad, Umer Akmal are available but no one has succeeded the former world class  Pakistan  batsman and failed to give consistent performance. Even opening couple could not be settled yet for many years .Pakistani team is in the dire need of opening pair, consistent middle order and a firm hard hitter in tale.

Pakistani and Indian territory is similar regarding the fertility but situation is quite different. Indian batting side is one of the best batting line of world who can chase any target in a reliable style. Virat Kohli. Dhoni, Suraish Riana, Verinder Sehwag etc, there is a long list of world class batsman who can turn the table in favor of their team unlike Pakistani batsman who turn the table in the favor of opposition at a crucial moment. Indian cricket team is wining due to his strong batting line up and Pakistani team is losing due to the unreliable batting line up.

There are many reasons for poor batting line up of Pakistan.

1:- Recommendations in PCB exclusively in selection committee.

2:-  Political influence in PCB affairs.

3:- Non professional chief, selectors and other key authorities.

4:- Players conflicts( players power).

5:- poor management for exploring and grooming the new batting talent of PCB.

6:- Corruption.

7:- Indian boards conspiracies on international level in order to finish the cricketing stricter in pakistan.

8:- ICC’ s double stander policies and hostile role for reinstating international cricket in Pakistan.

9:- Comparative behavior of ICC with Pakistani cricket and players by taking the pressure of Indian Cricket Board.

10:- Coaching faults.

11:- Lack of professional approach in Pakistani cricket players.

12:- Psychological elements.

13:- Hidden fear in every batsman for being dropped in the next match or series.

14:- Lack of team work.

15:- Avoiding the senior former stars who can deliver skills and experience to new blood in a subtle way unlike the imported coach and consultants who speak in English which many player don’t under stand.

Pakistani team is the dangerous team of the world but just because of batting collapse and fielding flaws it becomes Zero.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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