Blind Cricket World Cup Schedule Announced By WBC

wbc world blind cricket
wbc world blind cricket

LAHORE: Blinds Cricket is introduced since few last years worldwide, regarding this 2nd Twenty 20 Blind Cricket World Cup is going to be played in November 2016

according the report 10 full members of World Blind Cricket are participating in the world cup, Pakistan and India also included in this List.

In the 16th Annual Meeting of the World Blind Cricket (WBC) which was proudly hosted by the Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC). Syed Sultan Shah, President WBC was announced here that Pakistan and India may host that event.

About the fourth edition of WBC One day World Cup Cricket decided the venue at Cape Town South Africa in November 2014.

In the meeting WBC also decided the Specially designed balls for blind players would be purchased from Pakistan manufactured Cricket Ball as WBC Blind Cricket Ball.

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