Mighty Khan & Pindi Express Lashes out Najam Saithi


Chairman PCB blamed young talent for the failure of Pakistani team in UAE against South Africa which is criticized by the former captain Imran Khan that this neck of the wood is pregnant with a lot of talent for cricket which could not be searched or explored in good manners if PCB is not able to find the talent unearth, Imran would himself be involved in order to search and groom the talent which can serve the Pakistan and fulfill the hopes of Pakistani cricket fans and lovers who are anxiously waiting for big victories on the part of green shirts.
He added more that Pakistani cricket never be deprived by the nature of shorting talent in cricket neither in past nor will be in future.But for the royal style of administration and running affairs Pakistani team could not have the real talent for the future .
PCB chairman is also lashed out by the Pakistani fast bowler Shoib Akhter that cricket in Pakistan has been failed to get the availability of substitutes after the sudden withrawl of Shoib Malik and Abdul Razaq due to injuries.He opines it has been really a jock and awfully ridiculous by watching the ways on which Pakistani cricket team is running.While talking on local TV channel he said that he did not know what was happened to Pakistani team as it was at its lower level of performance.Withdrawal of both players with the pretension of being unfit is also confusing enough to anticipate some conflict among the players of Pakistani team.Two former Pakistani cricketers have opened fire of criticism on Najam Saithi the Chief of Pakistan cricket board for not being performed accordingly.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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