Pakistan Cricket Board Secretary Appointed. Irfanullah Khan


Islamabad: A government authorized has been nominated secretary of the Pakistan Cricket Board with the task of decreasing its number of workers.

Irfanullah Khan, a legal consultant in the ministry of Inter Provincial Co-ordination (IPC), notified The affiliated Press on Saturday that Amir Tariq Zaman, added receptionist for sports in the ministry, will take charge next week.

Khan says the appointment is in line with the Islamabad High Court order which instructed the IPC to remove all superfluous agents on the cricket board. The court said 68 employees were nominated needlessly during Zaka Ashraf’s 20-month time span as the PCB head.

Najam Sethi is the interim head of the PCB and has until Oct. 18 to perform new elections.

“We will visit PCB head office early next week where we will meet peak officials of the cricket board,” Khan said.

“Our task is not only to reduce the employees, but furthermore recover cash from them which they received from the cricket board throughout their paid work period.”

The PCB has round 900 workers all over the homeland, who work at various local cricket associations and at the nationwide Cricket Academy in Lahore. Last month, the cricket board allegedly approved a allowance of 3 billion rupees ($29 million) and will be opposite a shortfall of 500 million rupees in the year 2013-14.

The deficit is mostly because the PCB has not been adept to owner any major worldwide group for the last four years after gunmen assaulted the team coach of Sri Lanka, murdering six policeman agents and a van person driving.

The reshuffling at the top of the PCB took location earlier this year when Ashraf got himself nominated for the next four years, initiating a dispute in the Islamabad High Court .

The court not only suspended Ashraf but inquired the interim head to conduct new elections and gaze into the day-to-day activities of the PCB. although, it halted Sethi — who was appointed by major minister Nawaz Sharif — from taking any foremost conclusions such as the appointment of the selection managing group.

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