United State of America ordered to stop making of 3D Gun Design

AUSTIN TEXAS: The Government of United State of America issuing an order to remove all the design of the 3D guns and keep the design of 3D guns secret from all.

All the design and structures if making 3D guns was uploaded on the various local and international websites but in one news the American Government mention that their 3D gun design was downloaded more than 100,000 times.

After mention the download quantity of 3D gun design the government ordered to remove all the 3D designs from the internet and keep it in secret.

The main cause of removing the 3D design it to stop making the extra amount of this dangerous weapon and also keeping the 3D gun design in secret from terrorist.

on 6th May 2013 all the design was complete and its owner Cody Wilson first time fired through a 3D printer technology gun in US.

After providing the design to Military Many people also upload its design on various links over Internet and and is very simple to make So the Government of America Order to remove all the design and keep it as offline.