5th phase of 3G and 4G licence auction

3G and 4G licence auction

Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority administered 3G and 4G live auction of licenses for mobile services is ongoing.

Four companies are participating in this auction, who will receive a license for 15 years. The Pakistan PTA auction revenue is expected to more than a billion dollars. According to state media, which is taking place through electronic auction, all bids are participating donors.

3g-and-4g licence

PTA announces auction results step by step to your website is doing and at the end of the fifth stage three, five and ten megahertz live four blocks imposed a fourth round 90 crore 28 lakh 20 thousand dollars Bidding has persisted.

Since the early round one crore 17 lakh 82 thousand dollars in the auction has had increased. During the ten megahertz auction block A and D Companies are showing more interest and similar increase was seen in the bids.

At the start of the auction PTA Chairman Dr Ismail Shah said that 4G mobile service is currently live in 110 countries and Pakistan would not be followed in this case.

The parties participating in the auction specific color codes have been issued and bids of the parties rather than specific colors will appear. 45-minute interval between each bid being made and each subsequent bid over the last bid must be at least three percent. The final stage of the auction, however, this condition will not apply.

The Government of Pakistan’s biggest online auction prevents hacker attacks; Internet security experts ┬áhave been hired for this.