Pakistan: Murder attempt case is dismissed against nine month old child

Case is dismissed against 9 month of age child

A court in Pakistan, along with 12 others of his family in a case of attempt to murder case against a child 9 months old removed. A court in Lahore Mohammad Musa Khan planning to kill police and threatening to intervene in state affairs appeared to face charges. But the judge said the case should never have come to court.

The child’s grandfather told reporters that he did not take his milk bottle. How can they throw stones at the latest newspolice?

The police officers had told the investigating officer that he ordered the ¬†crackdown. Police investigation revealed that the initial investigation report and the police officer Aymy FIR against his son, but the son’s name and did not hesitate to determine its age. According to police sources, the FIR negligence while executing this police officer has been suspended.

According to the law, children under seven years of age cannot be named in any case, and it can be charged.

Safdar Wahla, head of the team leading the ‘police have ever recorded in the FIR did not name Moses. But ‘Aymy son’ was nominated. The trials that the officer did not know who is the son of Aymy and what’s its age. And the inquiry it emerged that the EU Council has two sons Aymy records nine months old, not even one of them.

Police report that was acknowledged by the related SHO Aymy son’s age and lack of verification etc. has been demonstrated. Musa Khan, the Pakistani media scene was aired in court for the first hearing in which he sat in his lap Waller can be seen drinking milk.