The Foreign Army will soon leave the Afghanistan till the end of 2014

AFGHANISTAN: After improving the conditions in Afghanistan the American Force make decision to leave the Afghanistan at the end of 2014. The search operation is continued in Afghanistan and will soon American army leave the Afghanistan.

There is another good news for the Afghanistan’s people now they can work in all European Countries including United Kingdom (UK). In a report UK government mention that Up to 600 Afghan are working now in our country along with the citizens of United Kingdom (UK).

Some years ago in a report we get that Afghan workers was interrupted to work in United Kingdom due to the Iraq conflict but now they can work freely in United Kingdom (UK).

In a report the we get that the United Kngdom (UK) government mention that:
[quote]We should recognize the service given by those who have regularly put themselves in real danger while working for us”[/quote]

Now Afghan can get the Visa and work permit for United Kingdom (UK) and also can enjoy their life freely in United Kingdom (UK).