Ban on foreign flags by BCB, ICC seeks the reason

International Cricket Council, cricket’s global organization, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has sought clarifications on the statement in which the Bangladeshi fans in the stadium to foreign flag has been banned.

Bangladesh authorities in the country during the World ODI tournament in Bangladesh has banned nationals during matches with foreign teams do not bring the flag.

Ban on foreign flags

The ICC said in his response that he was unaware of the law, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has mentioned in his statement.

The organization says the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s statement is contrary to the process whereby the zero Bangladesh Cricket ICC World Twenty current with respect to the promotion and marketing has worked.

ICC also said they would not do anything that violates any law, but by the Bangladesh Cricket Board would like to clarify the situation.

Bangladeshi fans the decision to ban foreign flags in stadiums brings fans and observers have expressed surprise that the audience likes them denied the right amounts, it is said.

Experts say that Bangladesh during the ICC World Twenty children participated in stadiums before each match when the teams take the flag are banned so now it will be? Onlookers likewise expressed surprise that the Bangladesh Cricket Board Act mentions the idea that it was not before the start of World Cricket team?

If the idea of ​​promoting the event months in Bangladesh and all teams are taking part in it with flags. The Bangladesh Cricket Board director Abbas Haider told local media representatives and security reasons, the decision has been made.

According to the French news agency AFP during the recent Asia Cup in Bangladesh flags of Pakistan including a large number of citizens were present in the stadium in the country was strong criticism from several quarters.