To support the rebels in Syria, Obama demanding $50 million from Congress

Obama seeks $50 million from Congress to help the syrian rebels

U.S. President Barack Obama has asked Congress to give $ 50 million for Syrian rebel forces to provide training and equipment.

The white house says that with the help of this money would be able to defend themselves against Assad’s forces. The statement added that with this aid they will competed the extremism organization like Daish.

Due to advances of neighboring Iraq some members of Congress are urging President Obama to take action regarding the situation in Syria.

Syrian supporters of President Bashar Assad in the last three years of civil war between troops and rebels killed thousands of people and caused millions have been displaced.

The White House said this aid is the part of the series of Obama‚Äôs administration’s policy in which they want to help the rebels and the civilians in Syria.

The defense ministry will be also able to help the confirmed armed rebels.