This plane has defined his own physics law

World largest airplane Antonov-225 Mriya

Let us introduce the world largest plane design for carry the Russian space shuttle which has their own rules of Physics, its features and size wonders any person who has a little knowledge of physics and has interest to know about the aircraft.

With the name of Antonov-225 Mria world largest plane has a wingspan 290FT,equal to one football field.

Antonov-225 Mriya largest air craft b

It has the height of 59ft 5 inches, you will surprised to know that the famous mount Rushmore has the height of 60FT.

It has maximum takeoff weight of 1.4 million LBS which are equal to the 133 humvees the heavy vehicles used in war.

The world largest plane which is specially design for caring the russian space shuttle has six engines.

Look at its video it will definitely surprise you.