CDA to Construct 44 kilometer Cycling Tracks in ISLAMABAD


ISLAMABAD, Sep 26 (APP):Capital Development Authority (CDA) will assemble 44 kilometer biking pathways forth with four above streets of the basic with the advice of Chinese government. Chairman CDA, Nadeem Hassan Asif throughout a affair with Chinese delegation, captivated actuality in CDA headquarter said that “we admiration to advance a ancestry of wholesome undertakings and abate the cartage accountability on the streets by bartering biking pathways. The Chinese appointment was actuality to allocution about three suggestions because architecture of cycling track,electrification of 240 acreage of Fatima Jinnah (F-9) Park through solarlights and electrification of accumulation abode through solar paneling, said a columnist affair handed out here.

constituent accustomed environment, Ahsan Ali Mangi abreast the participants about the data of the activity proposals.

He acquainted the affair that 44 kilometer biking clue would be accumulated forth four foremost Avenues namely Faisal Avenue, Margalla Avenue, annual bed Avenue and Attaturk Avenue.

The appropriate amplitude is accessible and it was envisaged in the adept design, so there is no affair of acreage acquisition, he apprised.

He abreast that 44 kilometer cycling clue will be accumulated in two loops forth four above avenues.

The affair was abreast that these activity suggestions will be able by the Chinese government through admission assistance.

The arch of Chinese appointment thanked arch being CDA and the government of Pakistan for impersonating aplomb in Chinese government.

He said that they would access up with absolute acknowledgment afterwards achievability abstraction of the suggestions.

The arch being CDA thanked the Chinese appointment for their co-operation and absorption in the projects.

He said that CDA will absolutely co-operate with Chinese in achievement of these tasks. CDA is apprenticed to accumulation actual acceptable and advantageous accessories to the humans of the Capital.

Tokyo Stocks now open up 1.38 percent after dollar price increase

TOKYO: After dollar reaches to round about 102 Yen, the Tokyo stock exchange no 1.38 open. This quantity of Stock open is due to the increase of Dollar price.

The general Manager of Equities Tokyo Japan explain in a report that the index of the benchmark Nikkei goes up from 203.92 to 14,962 so we will keep the Japan Stock up in this year by the help of fresh investors.

After G7 meeting in London the Dollar price grow up from 101 Yen to 102 Yen on 14th May 2013 on Tuesday. Now day 1 dollar ($1) is equivalent to 102.21 yen in japan.

The prices of euro also increase after G7 meeting and 1 euro price go up to $1.2934 which is equivalent to 132.20 yen. Now due to the increasing of dollar Tokyo Stock exchange now open up about 1.38 percent since 15th May 2013 on Wednesday.

On April 22nd 2013 Tokyo Stock exchanges was open up for 1.66 percent or up after the G20 meeting and that time the dollar rate was equivalent to 99.77 yen and one euro is equivalent to 130.30 yen.

There is a very minor increase of currency between Yen and dollars or Yen and euros but it creates a large impact on stock exchange markets of Japan including Tokyo Stock exchange which now open up for 1.38 percent.


Dollar are increasing the world’s economy since Friday

NEW YORK:- The United State (US) Dollar keeps it rank on top in the world economy and leave behind the Japanese Yen on Friday after the G7 meeting was held on 10th May 2013 on Friday in London. 

Now the price of Dollar in the economy of Japan rises and euro dropped back below $1.30. Now due to the rise of the dollar price in Japan economy one dollar reach on 102 yen.

About 10:00 o’clock on GMT time the euro falls from $1.2900 to $1.304 which was the cause of increasing the dollar price. and dollar now reached at 102 yen instead of 101.62 yen.

A meeting on the economy global center in London all top seven currency holding countries memeber declare this decision and rises the price of Dollar over the Japanese Yen and euro also rise in their economy.

The duration of the meeting was consist on 2 days and the main focus of the meeting is about the currency war in whole world.  The European Union and International Monetary Fund was also attempt the meeting in London.

British Finance Minister Geroge Obsorne explain during his interview to local media that “We want to be a better nurture recovery for all economy in world”.

The Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso told that:

[quote]The Bank of Japan has eliminated any reason to buy yen over the next two years and local investors are finally beginning to realize it,”

We are trying to put out our currency from the deflation instead of touching the high level in the Market of Yen,”[/quote]

Oil Price cut down in Asia Trade

By One news we get that the Oil is down in Asian trade from Tuesday 30th April 2013. This is due to gain the profit in month of May because there are a lot of holidays in that month. Through some reports we come to know that the price rate will be dropped from delivery in June in New York about 17 cents ro $94.33 per barrel. and in North Sea the price will cut down about 13 cent to $103.68 per barrel.

The managing Director of IHS Purvin in Singapore told that[quote]

Prices are slightly lower but holding steady… We’re also seeing some minor profit taking after yesterday’s gains



No the All trader of the Oil can sale the oil by the newly announced price. There is just a minor chang in the rate of change of Prices in Asian Trade. Traders took some encouragement from expectations that monetary easing policies of the major central banks would remain in place during meetings this week, and that the ECB could even cut its key rate in hopes of boosting growth in the eurozone.