‘Candy Crusk’ game creator company worth is now 7 billion

The famous  game played on mobile phones and the internet, Candy Crusk Saga ‘creator Compony.’ King ‘estimated worth is at more than seven billion dollars.

The New York stock worth two crore twenty lake shares of the company’s sales revenues of $ 50 million has since been fixed. New York Stock Exchange ‘King’ half of the issue price has been fixed at $ 22 per share.The company says that this money will be used for general corporate purposes, which may include the purchase of other companies.

‘Candy Krish’ game creator company worth is now 7 billion c

‘Candy Crusk’ year in 2013, the highest in the world free download mobile application was made.’King’ company forms, including over 180 games, but it is the most popular game.Two years ago, the company’s income was six million dollars a year because of the game in 2013, it reached U.S. $ 80 billion.

However, these concerns are expressed that the company ‘Candy Crusk’ relies too much on its popularity declined in the direct effect it will have on the Company’s earnings and profits.

According to the company’s three most popular games in 2013, Candy Cruskh Saga ‘,’ Stomach Rescue Saga ‘and’ Platform heroes Saga, 95 per cent of its total income received.New York Stock Exchange ‘King’ of the sale of shares will be formally launched on Wednesday.