Captain America: The Winter Soldier, broke box office record

Hollywood’s new film ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the exhibition is already nine million to 60 million dollars over the weekend have set a new record. These comic books are made in the company’s 2011 marvel super hero action film ‘Captain America’ is a sequel.

The main character in this film is played by Chris Evans. The film was a box office hit film ‘Noah’ by removing is occupied first place at the box office. ‘Noah’ is based on the life of Prophet Noah and his leading actor in the central role played by Russell Crowe.

Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier movie review

Captain America appeared in the 2011 film Fast Five The exhibition, which broke the record of 62 million dollars in the first weekend business was eight million.

Science fiction thriller film ‘Divergent’ rank third. In film Shailene Woodley and Kate are playing an important role and its March 21 release since the 11 million to 40 million dollars are for.

Film ‘Noah’ with the latest in special effects scenes of Noah’s Ark Noah and the flood. However, an objection to this film by several religious communities continues. According to reports, Malaysia and Indonesia are also included in the list of countries that have banned the film. Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have banned the film in their countries. They say that the film depicts a prophet who is against Islamic principles.