Round about 200 people dead and hundreds injured in coal mine blast in Turkey

Soma coal mine blast in turkey

Officials in the western region of Turkey say that more than 200 miners killed and hundreds injured in result of Soma coal mine explosion and fire.

Turkey’s Minister of Energy says on television confirmed the death toll and said that at the time of the accident, more than 780 miners were in the mine.

He said the electricity distribution system in the mine explosion caused the error occurred, and consequently lifts installed and fresh air into the mine closed conveying system.
soma coal mine blast

Then out of the mine and the local hospital has accumulated a large number of people.

Rescue workers are still trapped in the mine trying to reach hundreds of miners and mine is going to pump oxygen. Relief operations were begun after the explosion where the miners are trapped, but the two kilometers below the ground and four kilometers far from the mouth of the mine.

Minister saying about blast

Minister of Energy to monitor relief activities, Taner Yildiz says before departure to Soma “casualties are coming in different figures. I do not want to tell anyone about Numbers. We have to reach the miners trapped underground. ‘

Analysts say Turkey than in most industrialized countries in the coal mines safety record is not much better.