Amazing trick for giving second life to your dead UPS battery

One Trick gives second life to your battery

Today we will tell you a very valuable trick for giving a second life to you UPS battery, as we know that energy crises is epidemic across the world, and many countries are doing loads shedding to fulfill the energy consumption of country’s people, spicily in Pakistan people are facing the load shedding 12-14 hours a day, people of Pakistan mostly used UPS to have backup power supply when the grid supply goes away.

People buying UPS and batteries having backup and and  batteries which are used in this purpose have to be replaced after 2-3 years. We will provide you a simple trick which will help full to you for giving a second life to your battery and reduce the cost of changing batteries, for this purpose you have to need two ingredients which are not so costly ad available in different chemical stores of batteries maintainer’s service providers.

  • Epsom salthow to repair dead battery
  • Distilled water

Epson salt is easily available in chemicals stores its chemical name is Magnesium Sulphate, so ask for both the names at the chemical shop.

When you have these two things then you need to follow these easy steps

  1. Get 2/3 cup of Epson salt and mix it in to 2 cup of distilled water. Remember that always use safety cloves.
  2. Next step is to heat the solution in on stove, it’s better to use souse pan, heat this solation until Epson salt is totally dissolved in the water.
  3. Open the filter cap of you battery and fill up your battery cells with equal solution in each, replace filter caps and put the battery on charging.

repair dead battery

Now work has been done, you need to wait for a week, within one week the condition of battery will improve, this thing will gives second life to your battery

The cells will de-sulfate and the battery will begin to give better back up time by each one passing day. The battery will give best performance in 8-10 days. You can utilize this trap after every passing year and it will gives to your UPS battery for an additional 2 years.